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We’ve been keeping busy here, and I just wanted to craft a quick post to chronicle our wilderness and city exploring– Cliff Notes/Sparknotes/Wikipedia style.

Weekend to Vancouver– we camped at Deception Pass State Park and then headed up to Vancouver for the day. We got detained at the border, it poured all weekend, and we dined on Tim Hortons. It was a great trip!

IMG_1521 IMG_1522IMG_1558 IMG_1559IMG_1528

Sunsets on the Sound– it’s been windy and cold, so we always bring our handy thermos of hot chocolate (plus a little extra, as evidenced by the flask in Chris’s pocket).

IMG_2047IMG_1821 IMG_1802

Lake Talapus “Snowshoe”– probably the dampest hike we’ve ever done (not an exaggeration). We attempted to snowshoe, and it rained the entire time. Bonus: it took over a week for all our gear to dry out. Makes for a great story, though!

IMG_1870 IMG_1862

Mount Washington Hike– we ran out of daylight to make it to the top, but we did get to experience snow, so it was worth it.

IMG_4560IMG_4587 IMG_1437

Rattlesnake Ledge Hike– by far the busiest hike we’ve done, but the views were worth it (maybe. Jury is still out).

IMG_1947 IMG_4625


Double Feature Hike– we trekked to Big Four Ice Caves, and tackled Robe Canyon (one of our favorites) again.

IMG_2290  IMG_4643 IMG_4654IMG_4638 IMG_2302IMG_2298

That’s it for now, but there are bound to be more exploring posts hitting the wire at some point (no guarantee when, though).